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Being committed to safety means everyone comes home at the end of the day safely.

In every aspect of our business we demand compliance with our safety policies and procedures. We are committed to providing the necessary training in order for all our employees to perform their duties in a safe and efficient manner. Our goal is Mission to Zero, meaning we strive to have Zero Incidents. When you join Nabors you will immediately recognize and appreciate our commitment to your safety.


Join our energized, dedicated and reliable team.

Team work is the foundation of our organization. We have employees in the organization that have been with the company for over 30 years. They are dedicated and energized through the many benefits the company offers including the many opportunities for career advancement. We pride ourselves in having established strong working relationships with many of the major oil and gas companies who recognize the quality and experience of our people and equipment.


Choose a future with Nabors

Nabors is a very diversified organization that offers opportunities for career advancement both domestically and international. We reward our people for their dedication, loyalty and performance through various incentive programs. Refer to the many testimonials located throughout our website. Consider joining Nabors for a career or profession, not just a job.